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  NextgenID® is a biometric technology company headquartered in San Antonio, Texas with operations in Washington, DC, and Ottawa, Canada. NextgenID® develops, delivers and maintains next-generation biometric intelligence solutions designed to maximize security and identity for governments, corporations and critical infrastructures. Based on the innovative research, biometric engineering development and technology integration performed daily at NextgenID® LABS, NextgenID® Biometric Intelligence Solutions deliver the industry's most accurate, rapid and cost-effective face image capture, multi-biometric enrollment, identity verification, face image based fraud detection, biometric access control and lookout systems available anywhere in the world today.

NextgenID® Biometric Intelligence Technology Solutions are developed on modular, state-of-the-art hardware and software platforms, then externally customized to meet direct application requirements based on specific market needs. NextgenID® solutions operate today in some of the most highly classified, highest volume (people traffic) and harshest operational environments on earth. NextgenID® products and services are distributed through systems integrators, value added resellers and strategic partners across the globe and are supported through training, technical support and professional engineering services from NextgenID® LABS.
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