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  • Multi-Biometric Enrollment (MBE) KIOSK
    A highly integrated and self-contained enrollment kiosk for secure capture of multiple biometrics and associated personal identity information (PII) data. The KIOSK captures face, fingerprint, iris and signature images and related breeder documents of types ID-1 card reader for driver’s license and other IDs, ID-2 for slightly larger wallet sized documents and ID-3 used for passports, visas, and travel permits plus a page scanner for all other breeder documents and credentials required to complete an enrollment. The MBE KIOSK is designed for multi-tenant use so multiple customer sponsors can use the same physical infrastructure to meet their differing enrollment needs. All captured PII is secured at the time of capture and formatted to meet customer required interfaces to third party systems. The security of the PII is also used for system administration and support through differential access to content based on the requesting person’s role and hence need to know. The MBE KIOSK is the most sophisticated and feature rich enrollment kiosk in the world. It also provides Americans with Disabilites (ADA) and Section 508 compliance for handicap use.

  • Face Image Capture (FIC)
    A rugged yet very stylish, self-contained units that includes cameras, LED lights, visualizers, internal networking and the associated image capture/ processing and quality checking software. FIC’s are used for desktop, countertop or free-standing locations for enrollment and/or verification applications.

  • Photo Capture Unit (PCU)
    A high resolution and high speed digital capture unit for passport size photos. This unit has a small footprint for desktop use and solves the problems associated with flatbed or sheet scanning technology.

  • VisPro-ware
    A software product used for face finding, face image processing and face image quality checking to ensure face images are captured to ICAO, INCITS and ISO standards. VisPro-ware is incorporated into the Face Image capture solutions for the FIC and the MBE KIOSK.

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