Addressing COVID-19

What does the future of Identity Proofing look like?

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Identity Proofing in the COVID-19 era

Learn how utilizing NextgenID’s patented technology and solutions, you can continue to perform all levels of identity assurance and enrollment functions, including high assurance (IAL3) proofing without compromising social distancing.

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A normal day in our lives… People interacting and going about their daily business… unaware of their data and identity records being compromised

Identity data records compromised in the first half of 2018 reached 3.3 billion and in spite of all security measures and regulations; 7.9b records where compromised in 2019, with no signs of slowing down…

Lower levels of identity proofing through knowledge-based systems, website forms, or mail-in paperwork are at risk, and unreliable due to the billions of stolen records compromising this data.

Higher assurance identity proofing required by the Federal Government works to mitigate false identities through NIST-SP800-63-3 compliances and In-Person Proofing requirements.


Billion identity records compromised in first half of 2018


Billion data records and identities compromised during 2019


Million Records compromised at office of personnel management


unprotected records of personal data was found by security researchers in November of 2019

COVID-19 Plagues the world

COVID-19 plagues the world, as people are in disbelief, the virus spreads at unprecedented speed. With death tolls climbing, world governments scramble to control the spread; and healthcare systems finds itself unprepared to handle large numbers of infected.

Social distancing appears to be humanity’s best hope of stopping this worldwide pandemic. Life as we know has change, what was routine, OK or good-enough is no longer valid.

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OMB Directive 20-19

In response, the federal government’s Office of Management and Budgets issued a directive, M-20-19, to help federal agencies continue their mission critical objectives under the new normal. The directive provides guidance and instructs agencies to harness technology to deal with issues in the current COVID-19 environment; this directive eminates within strict In-Person proofing and Identity enrolment compliances in favor of social distancing and controlling the spread of COVID-19.

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Use the breadth of available technology capabilities to fulfill service gaps and deliver mission outcomes.

Office of Management and Budgets, Directive 20-19

Supervised Remote In-person Proofing

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Applying social distancing to Identity Assurance Level 3 identity proofing without compromising data security, requires a new approach.

NextgenID a technology innovator and leading provider of trusted identity assurance, management and credentialing solutions. Has been working to advance identity proofing for many years and has a production ready solution….

Through NextgenID ID*CAPTURE Kiosk’s patented technology, you can continue to perform all levels of identity assurance and enrollment functions, including IAL3, using supervised remote in-person operator and applicant compliance.

NextgenID’s Supervised Remote In-Person Proofing solution complies and assures Social Distancing and while NOT compromising policy, procedures or workflow mandatory requirements...

Our production ready solution allows you to reduce staffing, centralize operator functions, reduce overall system costs, and save Lives under the new normal…

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Unmanned Kiosk

Enrollees interact with an unmanned and properly configured kiosk to interact and capture required enrollee data. The kiosk may be adapted with multiple workflows based on request

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Hygienic Interaction

Engaging with the kiosk requires minimal contact; sanitized wipes are provided to clean keyboard, mouse and fingerprint scanner equipment between uses, minimizing cross contamination

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Remotely Operated

Operators remotely guide enrollee though the process and operate the kiosk. Operators remain at a safe distance whether across the room, in the next office or anywhere else in the world

Procurement Model

NextgenID understands the contract challenges our customers face with finding budgets to for infrastructure changes. That’s why NextgenID offers a frictionless procurement model featuring a zero-capital outlay, a system that pays for itself and further reduces operational costs by increasing efficiency to minimize costly staffing requirements.

Program costs funded from savings WITH zero capital outlay

  • Can be procured without additional capital budgets.
  • Gives the benefits of ownership without a capital outlay.
  • Is self-funding through programmatic efficiencies and labor cost reductions.
  • Multi-tenant capability offering.
  • Value Innovation vs. Technical innovation as a driver.

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