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Identity Modules

NextgenID's powerful software boosts productivity and streamlines identity management processes while ensuring compliance with the highest security and privacy standards. Our interactive software is highly customizable and can integrate with your systems to create a user experience that quickly adapts to your specific workflows.

Identity Starts Here™
Expanding Security and Control

A variety of optional modules provide advanced features that enhance the core platform's services. The advanced modules are mostly stand-alone add-ons that you can choose from depending on your operational requirements.


Actionable Insights
Hardware Monitoring Module

Our hardware monitoring software checks all hardware components integrated into NextgenID's Identity Portals. The service provides an early warning of impending hardware failure, allowing you to take proactive measures before a failure occurs and avoid a potential downtime event.

Module Capabilities

• Real-time monitoring of system components
• Early-warning and diagnostics integration with helpdesk services
• Collects and logs failure metrics and warranty support

Module Benefits

• Insights dashboard for health monitoring
• Save time and money by anticipating failures and issues.
• Use a single dashboard to monitor all deployed portals.
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Security Monitoring
IDwatch Module

Developed by NextgenID, The Security Monitoring Module IDWatch service provides a variety of security reporting capabilities through a GSM-based, low-power chip onboard NextgenID Identity Portals. IDwatch is capable of:

Location Monitoring

Location A GPS chipset is installed during the initial manufacturing process and is activated during unit burn-in. Additionally, the system allows tracking from the manufacturing floor to its final destination.

Actionable Insights

Our IDwatch module offers a highly configurable API that integrates with customer dashboards, enabling complete and comprehensive control from a single dashboard.

Security Monitoring

Video monitoring of the identity portal allows for collecting near-real-time video data, showing any attempts to move, illegally access, or misuse.

Onboard Sensors

Sensors monitor all access points on the identity portals and can detect and report any attempt at unauthorized access to the unit and its components.

Benefits and Values

We modernize, improve, and deliver digital credentials faster, accurately, and more securely than legacy methods. Our technologies are engineered to dramatically reduce the time and cost of capturing accurate data when creating a high-assurance digital identity.

High Assurance

End-to-end trusted Identity Assurance Levels 1-3 (IAL1 IAL2 IAL3) customizable identity solutions.

High-end security

Hardware and location monitoring, full encryption capabilities, zero data stored on location.

Patented Technology

Our catalog of hardware portals and software platforms is built on 18 issued patents.

Custom Solutions

Comprehensive, customizable, extensible, standards-compliant, and future-proof technologies.

Rapid Onboarding

Web services for rapid deployment of Identity, Authentication, and 3rd-party services.

Efficient Deployment

Reduce operational expenses, centralize critical functions, capitalize on public key infrastructure, share services.

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Zeva & NextgenID to host Reverse Industry Day and address current Zero Trust challenges

June 08, 2022/FAIRFAX, VA
Zeva and NextgenID have teamed up to host Reverse Industry Day 2022 on Friday, June 10 at 9:00 a.m. (EDT), where federal government agencies and information technology companies will learn how to navigate the challenges of Zero Trust and other security mandates in a post-Covid environment...

NextgenID Announces the release of its newest Hardware and Software platform Delivering HSPD-12 and FIPS 201-3 Compliance

June 06, 2022/Washington DC
In response to the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) release of Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 201-3 in January 2022, NextgenID is proud to announce that the latest release of its hardware and software modules is compliant with Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 (HSPD-12)...

Lieutenant General Robert P. Ashley, Jr., U.S. Army, Ret. has joined NextgenID as Chairman of its Board of Advisors

February 07, 2022/Washington DC
WASHINGTON, Feb. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- "Throughout Lieutenant General Ashley's distinguished career, he experienced firsthand the challenges that today's traditional identity solutions present, including long-lead time appointments, required in-person enrollments, lack of alternative token support, and an inconvenient ...
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