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Baltimore, MD - June 27, 2024
NextgenID Achieves The First IAL-3 Certification By Kantara For IAL-3 Identity Proofing and Supervised Remote Identity Proofing (SRIP)

Released at the Federal Identity (FedID) Forum & Expo, Baltimore, Maryland.

Kantara IAL-3 Certification

At the FedID Forum & Expo today, NextgenID, a leading technology provider of high-assurance supervised remote identity proofing technology, announced it has successfully obtained the first-ever IAL-3 certification from Kantara Initiative. This is a landmark achievement in the Identity Credentialing and Access Management (ICAM) space, as it sets a new industry standard for security, accessibility, and reliability.

The SRIP technology offered by NextgenID is at the forefront of this certification, employing a remote yet thoroughly supervised identity verification process. Utilizing cutting-edge biometrics and real-time supervision by trained professionals, SRIP adheres to the highest standards of identity proofing, supervised and remotely driven. This breakthrough significantly minimizes potential fraud and lowers operational costs, while enhancing accessibility and efficiency.

Mohab Murrar, President and CEO of NextgenID, commented, “In today’s digital landscape, where the internet often resembles the wild, wild west, it is more important than ever before to protect and safeguard our identities at the highest levels of assurance. Achieving the Kantara IAL-3 certification, the highest level of identity proofing and assurance that exists today, is a significant milestone in the industry and a testament to the exhaustive efforts, dedication, and resilience of our team and our industry partners. This pivotal achievement demonstrates our commitment to crafting a more secure, trusted world, merging advanced technologies like AI with the critical human oversight required for an uncompromised level of identity assurance. We are excited to bring these top-tier solutions to the market, providing unparalleled control and security without sacrificing convenience.”

NextgenID is redefining identity-proofing technology with its SRIP solution, addressing current challenges of identity fraud while innovating user-centric solutions that seamlessly integrate into daily operations. This approach ensures that high security does not compromise user experience.

Michael Harris, EVP & CTO of NextgenID, elaborated on the technical advancements, “Receiving this certification signifies more than just compliance; it signifies setting a higher standard. Our SRIP solution is designed for scalability and flexibility, transforming identity proofing into a more secure, efficient, and cost-effective process for all involved.”

Achieving Kantara certification is a significant endeavor, reflecting a rigorous commitment to excellence in identity and access management. The Kantara Initiative is renowned for its role in shaping the landscape of Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM). By developing frameworks and setting robust standards, Kantara provides guidance that ensures security, privacy, and interoperability in digital transactions. Their work is critical for organizations looking to adopt identity solutions that not only comply with current regulations but also anticipate future challenges in digital identity verification.

Kay Chopard, Executive Director, Kantara Initiative, praised NextgenID’s pioneering efforts, stating, "We are thrilled to recognize NextgenID as the first company to achieve IAL-3 certification. This milestone not only emphasizes their commitment to high-assurance identity solutions but also demonstrates leadership in promoting secure identity practices."

NextgenID’s SRIP solution revolutionizes identity proofing through the nationwide NextgenID PRESENCE™ Network, featuring state-of-the-art SRIP-Enabled Identity Stations. Designed and engineered to be the world's most sophisticated and feature-rich station for enrollment, identity proofing, and credential management. These stations boast the capability to capture biometrics including face, iris, and fingerprints, as well as the capability to capture and verify a range of identity documents spanning from state-issued drivers licenses, to passports, and more!

For further information about NextgenID and its pioneering SRIP solution, please visit

About Kantara Initiative

The Kantara Initiative is the leading global community commons improving trustworthy use of identity and personal data through innovation, standardization and good practice. Kantara nurtures ground-breaking R&D, develops specifications and operates conformity assessment programs for the digital identity and personal data ecosystems. Kantara provides its coveted eID assisting Identity Assurance Trust Mark and ground-breaking specifications for User Managed Access, and the privacy enabling Consent Receipt. More information is available a

About NextgenID

NextgenID, based in Northern Virginia, specializes in advanced identity management technologies and solutions. As an innovative tech company, NextgenID is dedicated to transforming how identities are authenticated and managed across various sectors with a focus on security and innovation.

NextgenID provides high-assurance, secure, and efficient identity-proofing and enrollment solutions for individuals and organizations. Utilizing its patented Supervised Remote Identity Proofing (SRIP) process, NextgenID offers a standards-based alternative to traditional appointment-based, in-person high-assurance identity proofing services. This process delivers a more efficient, accurate, and convenient way to collect biographic, biometric, and administrative attributes.

Notably, NextgenID is the only certified company that has achieved the first IAL-3 certification by Kantara for IAL-3 Identity Proofing and Supervised Remote Identity Proofing.

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