Embassies Trusted
Identity Solutions

Trust Platform, and Supervised Remote In-person Proofing, NextgenID’s solutions for embassies enable them to perform passport enrollment and renewals, voting and notary services for citizens living abroad.

Current State Identity
Requirements at Embassies

Dealing with a health pandemic and the need for social distancing,
with the travel industry being the hardest hit.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for IT modernization and innovations to aid in streamlining costs
Current infrastructure and physical footprint is costly
Ability to interact in-person with applicants and citizens is becoming a health risk
Backlogs in embassy services due to long closures and COVID

A Modernized Approach

To address these challenges and allow embassies to continue their VISA issuance safely and securely; with the ability to introduce a range of new services that helps embassies manage their identity enrollment operations.

VISA enrollment

The Solution

NextgenID Trusted Identity Solution

Using our patented technology to create a tailored solution to fit the embassy’s requirements, NextgenID can provide embassies with the capability to get business back on track, modernize visa enrollment, reduce operating costs, centralize the operation, and protect staff and applicants

Enrollment & Remote Proofing

High assurance, limited contact, Supervised Remote In-Person Identity Proofing for biometric enrollment and cryptographic binding of a smart phone to an applicant’s identity.

Secure Mobility

Using a custom mobile app, and using ID*Capture® kiosks, the application can initiate a secure session for processing multiple services.

The Technology Setup

Using the NextgenID’s ID*Capture® Kiosk, Supervised Remote In-Person Proofing, and Identity as a Service; the embassies will have a tailored All-in-One, mobile enabled, identity enrollment and processing solution.

A whole New Approach

What will the Embassy do

New and expanded services offering, capitalizing on existing infrastructure

Core Services

Basic Services
Self application and biometrics submission
Automated payment
Applicants background checks
Internal embassy use, such as PIV employee enrollment and visitors enrollment

State Services

New Services
Remote In-person Applicant Visa interview
Personal Document and Biometric Safe Archival Services
AI Database for anti-fraud

Extended Services

Electronic notary services for citizens
Passport renewal for citizens
Secure voting for citizens
Tailored citizen workflows

Value Proposition for Embassies

Business value drivers that increase efficiency, reduce overall costs and generate new revenue streams from new offered services.

Continuous Services

The ability to continue daily transactions using the kiosks at safe locations around the world.

Do more with less

Remote operations uses less real-estate, less resources, and requires less operational expenses

Streamline Revenue

Multiple tenants can use the same kiosk with complete data isolation.

Real Time Operations

Ability to have remote supervision to complete enrollment.

Secure and Compliant

Ability to have remote supervision to complete enrollment.

Cost Effective

Reduce wait time, processing time, and service footprint. Increase operating hours, and overall ROI

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