Identity Solutions for
Federal Government

Customized Workflows built on the ID*Trust platform, with Supervised Remote In-Person Proofing enabled for Federal HSPD-12 identities enrollment, credentialing and issuance at Identity Assurance Level 3 (IAL3)

HSPD-12 Identity Solutions
for Federal Government

Identity Assurance Level 3 enrollment and credential services
for HSPD-12 identity include PIV, PIV-i, and CAC

Supervised Remote In-Person Proofing

Providing federal agencies the ability of continuing HSDP-12 identity enrollment under the new normal through NIST SP800-63-3 compliant supervised remote proofing. Through which federal agencies can reduced staffing and equipment, centralized functions, reduced overall system costs AND SAVE LIVES

Custom Workflows and multi-tenant

NextgenID’s patent technology allows the federation of customized workflows, in complete data isolation for multiple tenants.

OMB Directive 20-19

In response, the federal government’s Office of Management and Budgets issued a directive, M-20-19, to help federal agencies continue their mission critical objectives under the new normal. The directive provides guidance and instructs agencies to harness technology to deal with issues in the current COVID-19 environment; this directive eminates within strict In-Person proofing and Identity enrolment compliances in favor of social distancing and controlling the spread of COVID-19.

VISA enrollment

Continue high assurance enrollment without compromise

The COVID-19 outbreak has created user and provider fears of health and personal safety. Before this pandemic swept across the globe, the “normal” routine for identity credential enrollment would not have been deemed particularly unsafe. NextgenID’s solution complies with COVID-19 social distancing safety AND all Federal requirements.

Safe and Secure Enrollment

Using the NextgenID proprietary and production ready technology federal agencies will be able to continue identity assurance level 3 (IAL3) enrollments and credentialing operations without comprising the safe of enrollees and operators.

Compliant Solution

NextgenID Supervised Remote In-person Proofing solutions is the only product in the market today that is able to perform IAL3 remote enrollment operations that is compliant with NIST SP800 63-3 requirements

ID*Capture® Kiosks

NextgenID patented technology and its team of engineers and identity experts created kiosks that are tailored made to delivery highly robust, end-to-end identity solutions.

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The Only Fully Compliant Kiosk in the Market

Currently the industries only solution for supervised remote in-person proofing for high identity assurance levels

Dynamic Capabilities

Payment gateway integrated, highly automated, built-in support for individuals with physical disabilities, for capture of multiple biometrics and associated personal identity information

Supports Today’s Use Cases

Designed and engineered to be the most sophisticated and feature rich kiosk in the world for all levels of identity assurance proofing and customer service use

Secure Enrollment

Security built into the physical footprint of the kiosk, in addition to the enrollment software platform and interface. For secure capture of multiple biometrics and associated personal identity information 

Supervised Remote In-person Proofing

Provides the capability for In-Person identity proofing operators to be remotely located and meet all levels of required identity proofing

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Continue identity proofing under the “New Normal”

Removes the current one-to-one relationship between proofing operators and enrollment workstations that has been proven to be inefficient and costly

Operators are remotely located and able to service ALL Enrollment workstations regardless of their location

A very important capability for:

Servicing international subscribers
Safety of both operators and applicants to ensure absolute social distancing requirements
Customer continuity of (Service AND Revenue)

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Identity as a Service

The magic that glues everything together, allowing the use of NextgenID’s ID*Trust platform through the ID*Capture® kiosks to federate multiple tenant’s workflows with complete isolation.

This works through delivering NextgenID's ID*Capture® products and services as an end-to-end managed service platform.

Ideal for agencies and organizations that prefer not to invest in the infrastructure and resources necessary to implement and manage a large-scale program on their own. Also offered as Shared Service infrastructure for multiple tenant’s (Programs) within the IDaaS platform Administrative and infrastructure cost savings and efficiencies over multiple clients

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Procurement Models

NextgenID’s frictionless procurement model featuring zero capital outlay.
The NextgenID system pays for itself and further reduces operational costs by increasing efficiency to minimize costly staffing requirements

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Program costs funded from savings with ZERO capital outlay

  • Can be procured without additional capital budgets.
  • Gives the benefits of ownership without a capital outlay.
  • Is self-funding through programmatic efficiencies and labor cost reductions.
  • Multi-tenant capability offering.
  • Value Innovation vs. Technical innovation as a driver.

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