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WASHINGTON, June 06, 2022
NextgenID Announces the release of its newest Hardware and Software platform Delivering HSPD-12 and FIPS 201-3 Compliance

Mohab Murrar, CEO

Mohab Murrar, CEO

Michael Harris, CTO/EVP

Michael Harris, CTO/EVP

In response to the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) release of Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 201-3 in January 2022, NextgenID is proud to announce that the latest release of its hardware and software modules is compliant with Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 (HSPD-12). NextgenID’s recent Trusted Services Platform release meets the full control and security objectives of HSPD-12, including NIST SP800-63-3 and FIPS 201-3 regulations for federal agencies that implement digital identity services.

"Government and commercial clients depend on our Trusted Services Platform to provide the ultimate in data security, privacy, and authentication," said Mohab Murrar, NextgenID's Chief Executive Officer. "NextgenID's new hardware and software updates ensure that our customers can meet the highest standards of compliance with all applicable federal regulations."

NextgenID’s Trusted Services Platform is the only production-ready identity proofing solution compliant with the full range of NIST’s SP 800-63-3 Identity Assurance Levels (IAL) 1, 2, and 3, with level 3 being the highest assurance level possible for identity proofing.

The FIPS 201-3 standard, released in January 2022, establishes guidelines for Personal Identity Verification (PIV) of federal employees and contractors. These individuals may need to verify their identity when physically accessing a location, logging on to computers, smartphones, or other mobile devices, encrypting and digitally signing email, and a variety of other activities.

As an innovator of next-generation identity solutions, NextgenID remains at the forefront of the FIPS and NIST compliance mandates. With NextgenID’s patented Supervised Remote Identity Proofing (SRIP) solution, users can conduct a high (IAL-3) assurance enrollment at a self-service Station (Kiosk), at a time and location convenient to the user, and interact with a virtual SRIP Agent to complete their enrollment in 5 minutes or less. This solution can replace the appointment-based, in-person identity proofing enrollment process currently in use across the U.S. federal government.

The NextgenID Platform is a multi-tenant, multi-workflow Station that includes a complete set of multimodal biometric, biographic, and administrative data collection components. As a multi-tenant solution, the NextgenID Station can be utilized as a shared resource between agencies and departments of federal and state governments, reducing its overall cost and increasing usability. In addition to fixed stations that can be installed at government agencies and enterprise organizations, NextgenID offers highly durable mobile identity stations that can be transported to locations in the field.

The NextgenID products deliver a broad range of features and functionality for secure, trusted operations. A set of proprietary SRIP modules surveils, monitors, and manages the integrity of all connected stations, agent connections, and identity sessions while maintaining the privacy and traceability of all personally identifiable information (PII). An agent-friendly command center monitors the Station's hardware in real-time, diagnosing issues so that they can be promptly identified and repaired.

"By constantly monitoring the Station's hardware, software, and environment, the NextgenID Platform is suitable for deployment in a wide range of Government to Government and Government to Citizen scenarios," said Michael Harris, NextgenID's Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer. "Data is encrypted end-to-end, no information is ever stored at the endpoint, and the devices and environment are continuously monitored for tampering, subversion, spoofing, and overall health to guard against the risk of a security breach or system degradation."

Use cases of the NextgenID platform include:
•   Collecting and validating biometric, biographic, and administrative data to verify employee identities.
•   Activating user credentials and updating user certificates, profiles, and other sensitive data.
•   Offering shared services for virtual government offices.
•   Operating as remote trusted agents for government, enterprise, and commercial offices.

As a complement to the Trusted Services Platform, NextgenID offers a full suite of white-glove services for its identity Stations, from shipping and installation to maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. Thanks to these updates to the NextgenID hardware and software modules, NextgenID Stations are ready for deployment across a wide range of locations, from government agencies to large enterprises, that require the latest and highest security standards for identity verification.

About NextgenID

NextgenID is at the forefront of innovation, providing trusted high-assurance identity proofing and enrollment solutions for automated, proctored, and remotely supervised identity workflows.

NextgenID is the only company that offers Supervised Remote Identity Proofing (SRIP) for High Assurance identities that is fully compliant with the NIST SP800-63-3 and FIPS 201-3 regulations.

To learn more, visit NextgenID.

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