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Fairfax, VA - September 29, 2023
NextgenID Presents Gen II Holistic Approach to Identity Proofing Solutions

NextgenID Gen2 Hardware

NextgenID, a pioneer in identity-proofing technologies, is thrilled to unveil its innovative, holistic approach, marking a significant leap forward in the field.

The NextgenID’s Gen II Solution integrates hardware-accelerated software, signifying a groundbreaking advancement in the design and functionality of diverse form factors – from sleek countertop units to robust enterprise standalone and rugged identity stations. These contemporary designs are poised to reshape the identity-proofing horizon.

NextgenID has purposefully developed the next generation of Identity Stations to maximize the potential of its patented Supervised Remote Identity Proofing (SRIP) solution. These dedicated, hardware-integrated SRIP solutions are designed to enhance the efficacy and features of the SRIP technology. With the assistance of remote agents, these stations deliver an unmatched user experience, seamlessly guiding enrollees through the identity-proofing process.

Key Features of NextgenID’s Gen II

The below features echo the brand's commitment to security and underscore a focus on user experience and modern design. Here's a closer look at the transformative features that set the Gen II apart:

NextgenID Gen2 Hardware

Redesigned Form Factors: NextgenID's Gen II hardware-enable software showcases a sleek and contemporary design, elevating the aesthetics and functionality of countertop and enterprise identity stations.

Comprehensive Identity Capture: The all-encompassing identity stations facilitate comprehensive life cycle identity management, steering individuals through stages like enrollment, identity proofing, and credential management.

Effortless Biometrics and Biographics Integration: Even though NextgenID's Gen II hardware has witnessed a significant redesign, its top-notch biometric capabilities stand strong. The updated designs flawlessly incorporate sophisticated features, such as facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, and iris recognition, ensuring an uninterrupted and intuitive user interaction. Additionally, the stations simplify the scanning process for driver's licenses, passports, and other biographic documents, streamlining identity proofing and verification.

Michael Harris, CTO & EVP of NextgenID, remarked, "The introduction of our Gen II solution signifies a transformative phase in our identity stations' journey, emphasizing the seamless integration of software with hardware, particularly in harnessing the power of SRIP. This evolution reflects our unwavering dedication to providing our clients with integrated identity-proofing solutions prioritizing functionality and user experience.”

Comprehensive Identity Capture Process

For more information about our Gen II solutions and its impact on the identity-proofing landscape, please email us at [email protected]

About NextgenID

NextgenID is an innovative tech company providing high-assurance, secure, and efficient identity proofing and enrollment solutions for individuals, organizations, and IoTs (Internet of Things). NextgenID’s solution, which utilizes its patented Supervised Remote Identity Proofing (SRIP) process, provides a standards-based alternative to today’s appointment-based, in-person, high-assurance identity proofing services. With SRIP, NextgenID provides a more efficient, accurate, and convenient way to collect biographic, biometric, and administrative attributes.

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